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Quick poems and bits of prose to help you see your self, and the world, differently


All original poetry ©lightenup(all rights reserved)



poems about you and me

sounds of silence

the first cause

are you beautiful?

you are beautiful

Hearts guide

a simple smile

baking brownies

Oneness – the domino effect

one moment

Why me, Lord?

the mirror

timeless art

less than

are you rich?

the human race

everyday questions about love

you have no new messages

abundant thanksgiving

many paths

Independence Day

The Mandela effect…on me



poems about the “world”

the one true religion of humanity

A part, not apart

unwrapping the gift


sticks and stones

To Serve and Protect

stop calling it paradise

the angels don’t know

take back your wealth

we need a leader

justifying Oscar Grant’s murder

smile and testify

children of the earth

Today, I AM Iranian

heart attack

wake up neo

the holy trinity



poems of empowerment

just press play

real-izing wealth

the truth and the glass

goddamn ham

Independence Day 2010

poem about god


a great chef



poems about beauty

Autumn leaves




poems about me

more of me to love


angel eyes

other loves


instructions for a new age

multiple choice me: who I (was)(am)

i don’t believe in God

a great chef

drawing a picture of myself

you can bank on it

how many breaths did you take today?


have you seen her?

poetic appreciation


remote intimacy



poems by others that help lighten-up my world

poems posted here by permission of the authors and copyright protected.

Shambhala Warriors

My everyday Christmas



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