have you seen her?

pixlr sepia

Has anyone seen my joy?

Brown eyes, blue hair, 1 million light years tall,

and as wide as any stories?

Quick with a joke, and a smile that made the sun put on shades!

She was once my constant companion

and we were inseparable.

We laughed at all the same jokes

We elbowed each other and completely understood why.

We were never bored and always found fun things to do;

like this one time? We…. oh nevermind, you wouldn’t get it,

only she would….ya had to be there.

I miss her so. I could tell her anything,

and always knew it wouldn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t

and everywhere it should!

She could take it and run!

She was so fast.

She was wise and witty and comfortable to be with.

If I had a bad hair day, or my socks didn’t match,

she wouldn’t even notice.

She loved my soul and that was all she saw.

Slowly as I was focusing on growing “up”, she disappeared,

People would say they caught glimpses of her now and then

through the years, looking out of my eyes,

but I was too busy being Grown Up to notice where.

Now, I miss her so much I AM  retracing those grown up steps,

back to find her.


to my soul,

my childhood’s innocent heart.



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