wake up, Neo……


My cursor is


I’ve been searching all night,

looking for Morpheus,

or some ray of light;

through internet chat rooms,

forums, and blogs…

I’m tired and hungry

and my head throbs.

I know things aren’t right

and I know truth is “out there”

but the question remains

can I find it?     Where?

How can I tell what is real,

what is true?

How can I trust

what I’m getting from you?

“Meet me tonight,”

I hear in the ethers.

Intuition calling me

to the edge of all frontiers.

I might as well try it,

I can’t find out alone.

The old ways aren’t working,

So I answer the phone.

The answers start coming

I can’t take them all in

Like fractals they spin off

more questions again.

Though filled with danger

and agents and fear,

in glorious courage

my choice remains clear.

I choose the red pill

of my own design.

I step onto the path

And watch for a sign

that this is the way,

the truth, and the light,

the end of all darkness,

and the true joy of