poem about god


I, i, I…What begins with I?


creating your very existence,
so all begins with I ;

all my life begins with i
i am creating
the very next moment
of what it is
to be me.


and i am

a part of this reality
we call  earth.


i am
also a  light,
allowing the knowledge
of who i am to flow through me
into the darkness of our perceived limitations.

I AM all knowing

i am
all knowing
about what it means to be me,
awakening to this divine plan
we created
for ourselves.


and i am
an inspiration to those
who also wish to awaken.
Offering glimpses into our divinity
from a different perspective.


and i am

all that




Want to know more about You? I recommend the website of Dr Michael Sharp,  a sociologist and mystic. Below  is an excerpt from his essay on current  religious and scientific perspectives of who we “are” and how they dumb us down:

Of course, this is not what religion and science tell you. Religion and science both tell you things that diminish you. Western religions will tell you that you are a broken soul, or an immature soul, or an unworthy soul, or a dirty soul, unfit for paradise and ejected from the garden because of some absolutely meaningless mistake (i.e. you ate an apple??). And if not the western “you are an idiot reject from the Garden of Eden” story, then you get the eastern “you’re a karmic school child and you need to keep coming back and suffering until you get it right” story. Now obviously, neither of these “you are an idiot” stories really reflects the truth of who you are. In fact, quite the opposite. Both these religious stories diminish you to the point of cosmic insignificance ………

…….According to science, you and your body are dust and nothing more. And if that’s not enough, science goes on to tell you that your body is in a process of evolution, and that, as a result, it is far from perfect. Like religious doctrine, science tells you that you are “not quite there yet” and “in process.” There is potential they will tell you. As the body struggles and strives in the Social Darwinian struggle for existence, positive attributes are naturally selected and the human “race” moves towards greater degrees of evolutionary perfection (usually defined as some twisted version of strength).Of course, outside of this evolutionary race for perfection there are the “special ones” in each generation. According to the holy grail of Social Darwinism, the Bell Curve, only about 2% of the population attains the pinnacle of strength, intelligence, and capability in any given generation. The rest of us are condemned either to a life of average strength, intelligence, and capability (the 68% in the middle), or profound dysfunction—take your pick. Either way, when considered against the full truth of your awesome glory and divinity, science’s “story of you” is a profound diminishment.”  Dr Michael Sharp

* thanks to Julie La France for this  creative commons photo from Flickr