i don’t believe in God

“God………….damn it!”

“God………….be praised.”

“God bless you!”


“Oh MY GOD!!!”







These phrases flow  from a place beyond thinking.

What if God was one of us?

Just a slob like one of us?

Just a stranger on the bus,

tryin to make his way home…

I believe in God…..?






if I know,

I no longer have to believe.

No faith is necessary,

except in my ability to choose,





from among all the throngs of choices,



the truth




beyond all doubt.





I don’t believe in God,




I believe in me.






is infinitely better.








Confusion about God is actually quite normal. We are raised with our parent’s ideas and our community’s ideas about God and the world. When something in our lived experience doesn’t synch up with what we previously thought was “the” truth about said God or world, we feel uncomfortable.

There are really only three choices we can make at that point. The first and most common choice is to ignore the fact that there is some conflict between what we believe and what we experience. We can choose not to pay attention to the discomfort.  This choice will have to be made over and over again each time a similar situation occurs, and it can get very uncomfortable.  Eventually this discomfort may become so great that we have to make one of the next two choices.

1- Hold on to the belief and try to make our experience fit it or

2- Let go of the previously held belief .

Making either of these choices puts your feet on the path of trying to understand God and the world we live in.  There are so many self proclaimed experts all along this path; books, gurus, and traditions in addition to the institutionally and culturaly proclaimed experts such as priests, professors, professionals. Is it any wonder you may become even more confused?

That’s normal too. That is why in this poem I point the choice back to trusting myself.

I believe in the compass of truth

I believe it is there,

within every human heart.

“Seek and you shall find”

its there in yours as well.







hold on,

or let go.


Your choice.


Your compass.


Your heart.






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