The multiple choice me: who I (was) (am)


at my past

sometimes I am overcome by the terror

that who I (was)

is really who I (am)


I (was………..)

Here,  I can insert

any number of failings,


wrong turns.

Disconnections from myself,

my family

and spirit.



At  times I feel so deeply

the  wounds I caused myself and others

that the pain of who I (was)

becomes a howling tempest,

hitting me from every side,

hurricane force winds of regret

and raging currents of remorse

submerging  me under relentless dark waves of confusion.



When I have again found and climbed

on some prominence of who I (am)

above the flood,

and allowed the storm of pain to move on,

light shines again and

I can see clearly once more.




if the storm has been a bad one,

all I can do is keep my grip on some piece of flotsam

and scan the horizon for the rescue teams

that I remember from my heart

will come;

and remind me

over and over

and over and over

and over




That who I (was)

will never diminish

the light

of who I AM.







Our life experiences flow from who we believe ourselves to be. I have chosen to examine the assumptions and the expectations of others that have defined who I am to myself, and  to know the truth. The truth turned out to be far grander and more wonderful than I had ever imagined. You may also choose to discover the truth of who you really are. It’s not that anyone has to teach you anything either, for who we really are inside is just that, inside of each and every one of us…

kept  impossibly safe,

waiting until the time was right,

for us to remember it.

That time is now.