goddamn ham

Disclaimer: Vegetarians beware, this post contains meat, specifically the chewing and eating thereof. If you can’t read about that in calmness, please pass on by without comment.


Many prize their ability to think logically and rationally.

Let’s try that for a moment, shall we?

Let’s think about ham.


A ham sandwich.


There it sits, on a plate,

on the table.

Bread, condiments of your choice, and a slice of ham.



Looks good if you haven’t had lunch yet, right?


Now imagine how someone else might see it for a moment

It is now an instrument of damnation.




Yes, that ham sandwich has the power to send some to hell.

Certain religions are quite clear on that.


What about you?


Ham sandwich?



What do  you  believe?


The next time you look at a ham sandwich,

why not think about it?


Not the ham,

but why do you believe

what you believe



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