Less than

Less than…..



What is enough?

Who holds the measuring stick?

Who gives me the final ok

Who lets me pass……







Where is the line I can cross

To finally be good



The goal may be

One thing or another,

But the feeling remains

I won’t reach it.

I am

less than

the other.


As soon as I cross one,

I find ten more.

Even the paths of spirituality






Never measuring up

Never good enough to join

Never gonna get “in”

Never …… getting “it”

Just a piece away from the whole.

I have not measured up

Too unworthy of the goal.

I am

less than……


I hold on to my smile

As hard as I can,

If I’m not totally crushed

I’ll try again.

Try to improve.

Try to learn more.

Try to make it.

Next time,

I’ll score.


The next time comes,

And I fail again,

To measure up to the mark,

To be good enough;

Instead of

less than…..


Sometimes I hurt others,

Sometimes I hurt myself.

To cope with this

annihilation of self importance/



Experiencing outcast

“differences” so great I can never get back “in”.


Oblivion from the “other”.

Not good enough.

Less than………..




There is a world that has been pulled over your eyes. One that dis-empowers  you and fills you with illusions about yourself and why you are here. The time has arrived for you to  begin seeing the glory that is within you.

A shift towards wholeness begins when you can start to say I feel less than _______ instead of I am less than ______. How could you be insignificant? For even one tiny second? Less than anyone, less than anything?



In the Light of Truth

You see


I am divine


and you are also.





You are so not less than…..

Enlightenment is the process of unfolding the divinity within” Michael Sharp


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