Shambhala Warriors

Long ago and far away,
A prophesy told of a day

When no more death on Earth we’d see
And balanced true to nature be.

And children laugh and dance, and swing,
As joyous would all people sing,

A new day dawn, a glorious spring,
And no more pain and love would sing.


But as the Earth begins her birth,
And joyously we span her girth,

They spurn to see, and scorn with glee,
The painful lot in people be.

And though we hope that peace might stay,
Their hand from spreading death this day

They beat their drums to tone of war,
And conduct their deadly music score.


And so we send the prophets hand
To spread the truth e’er out the land

But long ago it was foretold,
That even this their hands not hold,

And when they’d realize time and day,
So they would send rank death our way,

With famine, plagues and war to stay,
In hopes they’d face not judgment day.


And so we turn our eyes this day,
And call the warriors out to play.

For they were sent long time ago,
To prepare for this their final show.

And sleep and wait and bide their time,
And work their way inside the line.

And hidden keep their spark un-shined,
Till we would call them with our mind.


And so the warriors now we see,
Rise slowly, they had sleeping be,

And as the children round them scream,
And poverty spreads so obscene.

And rulers through the lands they rage,
And laugh obscene, at people caged,

A fire burns their eyes today,
For deeply will the rulers pay.


And as they stretch, their hands abreast,
Full power claim them now’s their test.

And final warnings fail they to see,
The end times fast approaching be.

And as the warriors spread their wings,
Protection to God’s children bring.

And weak and old out from the cold.
And men and women into the fold.


And now as warriors do take flight,
A battle glorious they do fight.

With shining sword they quickly free.
The mind’s of all so truth they’ll see.

And as the sword comes crashing down,
The leaders faces turn to frown.

For mobs of people dance and sing,
We see now all the truth you bring.


And no longer will we play their tune,
And dance ‘neath their ungodly moon.

For we have seen the truth this day,
And no more will the piper pay.

And as the warriors turn to face,
The rulers who now stand disgraced.

One final warning we provide,
To stop the madness, stand aside.

And still the kings heed not the call,
Still they stand and tempt the fall.

But long ago it was foretold,
When warriors came the darkness fold.

So time long past, they finally see,
The warriors who had warned times three.

And as they waken from their sleep,
These rulers who thought light would weep,

These despots who had ruined our day,
With love in heart, they will repay.

And as the final battle’s won,
The warrior’s job is finally done.

For truth and justice they did come.
To win the day for kingdom come.


And long ago and far away,
A prophesy told of this day.

When no more death on Earth there’d be
And balanced true to nature be.

And children laugh and dance and sing,
As joyous would society bring,

A new day’s dawn, for us to bring,
A warrior’s song for all to sing.



©2003 Michael Sharp



This poem is used by permission of the author.