emergency landing – 1549



I get the strangest feeling when I look at the pictures of that plane in the water.  It seems as though it’s alive to me. It sounds nuts, but even as the tragedy unfolded I got the feeling that the plane itself was also caring for the passengers and doing all she could to help them get out safely. I can see it best where she is holding all those passengers on her wings, as though trying her best to take care of them until help arrives.

All in all an amazing miracle.

I watched the unfolding of the rescue efforts at the downed plane in the Hudson river live on my computer. I have been reading about it all day today and trying to understand why this story has had such an impact on me, why I seemed to be drawn towards focusing on it. It was in this excellent article from Raymond Roker at the Huffington Post where I found the answer why. He talks about this event as  being a kind of metaphor and I couldn’t agree more. I quote from it here:

“After the crash, the pilot walked the length of the plane, not once, but twice, to ensure that no passengers were left aboard as the water rose. Everybody gets out alive he thought to himself. Doesn’t matter how we all got into this mess, we are going to get to shore.

In a few months, it’s doubtful that whatever message there is in today’s events will be as lucid to me. But maybe the metaphor is that we all fear the great crash. We’re all unsure of that day where we may be asked to consider what we’d do when the pilot says, “Brace for impact!” Our country already has a catastrophic engine failure and none of knows how this flight will end. And what are we doing about it? Are we in the crash position? Are we hoping for a heroic pilot to land this sucker safely? Are we stoically wishing it–whatever it is–comes quickly and painlessly?

Or maybe if flight 1549 tells us anything, it’s that it all might go well after all. Just like it did today. And we’ll get out alive. In one piece. As one family. All survivors.”



© 2009 Steve Kelly at Flickr  mudpig for the use of this creative commons liscensed phot0.

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