smile and testify



Abused, terrorized, deprived,

suffering, struggling, starving,

abandoned,  neglected…

and … genuine smiles?


Mass construction,

mass destruction,



empires rising,

empires falling,

all this effort pales

in comparison

to the brilliantly supernova-ed creative testament

to the workings of an awesome power


the genuine smile of a human being


Revealing to me,

that no matter how hard life’s been to live,

in the moment when I truly smile,

I connect to a timeless space within,

where the pains of the past are not felt,

and the  fears of the future do not dim,

this internal light overflowing with joy,

into the creation of

the astounding,


living  proof,

of the divinity within me

that can be seen

in the creation of a

heart-felt smile.




To some, this is a only a picture of tragedy. To me, it is also a picture of triumph;  humanity’s very real tragedy, yes, and yet humanity’s very real triumph both.  Could it be as I suspect? That a human smile is one of the most creatively awesome things in this entire physical universe?

and the greatest creative act of our collective divine humanity?



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