Joy is the evidence of things not seen.



The fastest way to manifest what I desire in this world, is to be grateful for receiving it.

joyfulGratitude for already having it is the quickest way to experience it.  My appreciations are like steps towards that goal- and the quickest way into that state of gratitude for what I desire.


This chasm between what I have and what I desire to have is made up of all the fears and pains I am currently experiencing as a result of THE PAST. Gratitude  is the way through the past to the future. To be able to reach the place of true joy of knowing  with all my heart that what I desire is truly mine, I just have to be grateful that it is mine. Now.


Already mine.




Say it with me, “It is mine!”


I didn’t say easy,

I said



A push up is a simple thing,

yet I can’t do one because I am not physically strong enough right now.

Does that mean I can’t ever do a push up?


No, it means I have to take small steps in order to get to the place where I can accomplish one.

Time is involved.

They don’t have to be big steps, they can be as comfortable as I want.


I can sit here and dream first.

I can imagine that I am doing 50 push ups.

Ah, that feels good.


I can start by doing 2 wall push ups.

That’s easy.

I can do that.

I will do that twice today.

I will do it three times tomorrow.


Eventually, if I keep at it, I can do 200 wall push ups.


With my desire  leading me on,

Creating a plan of action,

I will eventually get there.

It is inevitable, as long as it is my joy to do so.


Joy is the evidence that I am moving in a direction that aligns with my deepest divine self. And that self want’s more joy. Joy is the evidence that I trust that inner world to bring into my outer world, the things that make me joyful.

I can  only appreciate when TRUST is present. When there is no trust that something can be, will be, mine, there is no appreciation of it. There might be expectation, but no joy. True Joy is only present in the presence of the truth. That is the difference between  fleeting happiness, and Joy, with a capital J. Joy is the deep abiding result of TRUST. They are two halves of the same whole; Cause and effect.

Trust flows from my experience of connections with the inner world of divinity, my larger self’s wisdom and power and love for me.

The more I connect with that, the more TRUST I will live in. The more TRUST I live within, the more JOY I will experience in life.

TRUST is the way to appreciation, and JOY is the evidence that I am on that path and creating what I desire and wish for in my life.

I INTEND to create a joyful life, so the first steps to that must be to  create a constant stream of connection which strengthens TRUST.




Thanks to Tetsumo on Flickr for this creative commons liscensed photo.Some rights reserved

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