testing the emergency broadcast system….or viral hysteria

written in APRIL 2009…………

How can 20 sick people in the US cause this level of concern? On purpose. Yes, that’s what I said. On purpose. This level of concern is the ultimate test of the emergency broadcast system. Not the one you’re thinking of. Oh, no indeed. This system of hammering your psyche through every media outlet available has only one stated goal: to create the very¬† emergency it purports is happening.

Statistical analysis of this race for your mind will show the truth of the above statements quicker than anything else. Listen for the following along with the actual numbers that are quoted to you: the words probable, projected, perhaps, might be, may be, could be etc etc. all projections.

Don’t let “them” project ideas into your head about these facts.

Look at the facts and then think for yourself.

20 people in the US contract a disease and then the entire US health system gets involved?

Umm, why?

Ask the harder questions. Ask who does it serve to have an entire country suddenly controlled by the government just in case something might happen? Giving up sacred Freedoms  in the name of safety?

Now is the time to be afraid, and it ain’t of swine flu. You are being served up the equivalent of 911 in a different way.EMERGENCY!!!! EMERGENCY!!!

Don’t let them “make” an emergency call on your behalf.

It’s your mind.

It’s your body.

It’s your freedom.

Escape groupthink and look at the FACTS.

3 thoughts on “testing the emergency broadcast system….or viral hysteria

  1. 20 people catching the flu is not a major disaster by any stretch of the imagination. I think you’re right that this is being blown way out of proportion. I don’t know who you mean when you say “them”, though.
    One thing I do know is that the countries who are advising their citizens not to travel to Mexico AND THE UNITED STATES are really overreaching. This is costing us millions already, and it’s just getting started…


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