you can bank on it


bank on it

I AM a teller at the bank

of our divinity.

Where you can access your account

Any time you come to me.

You placed it in the vault

With codes and locks and guards,

And we scripted out my role

Which I fulfill with kind regards.

I recognize your radiant account

Your desire, all the PIN you need.

It is the resonance of YOU,

Asking to be freed.


I am a facilitator,

To place it in your hands,

What would you like to get today?

For this is what you planned.

Remembrance that there is a plan?

Remembrance of your power?

Your beauty? Gifts? Your talents?

What do you need this hour?


You locked it all safely away,

from corruption and decay

Gaining dividends and interest

While we waited for this day.

Your willingness to receive it

Is the withdrawal slip you hold

Present it now and get yourself

Your cache of wealth untold.


I AM a teller at this bank,

Of our divinity

And joyfully, I’ll shine for you

The light I have in me.

For light is all you really need,

To see who you truly are

And find that treasure in you

That’s shining like a star.


I AM a teller at the bank

of our divinity,

and I tell you, it’s the truth of you,

that really sets you free.


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