H1N1…and so it begins, or does it?

OMG! Did you hear the “NEWS”? 50, yes 50 students sequestered for the flu. See? “They” warned us, didnt’ they. See it’s dangerous! Run for your lives all you nay-sayers! Take that.

Uh…. just a minute. Instead of panic, I recommend a deep breath. Lets just take a moment to look at some other facts about Emory that are not being reported… yet.

For instance, are you aware that, wonder of wonders, it just so happens to be the same place where they are researching an accelerated trial of H1N1 flu vaccine? Link here.

The following paragraph that I copied and pasted here references the fact that they were also working on the avian flu virus:

“In 2007 Emory was designated as a national Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units (VTEUs) funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The designation came with a seven-year contract of about $23.7 million. In their first VTEU collaboration, Emory researchers are conducting a clinical trial testing a new avian flu vaccine.” That comes from  another link with information about the Emory funding and its proposals.

Yep, So that’s right. Emory is  a  Vaccine Testing Center.  And,  Emory has already started vaccinating in August of this year “volunteers” ( I read, free human guinea pigs ). So they have been well prepared, and what happens when you are designated a research facility like that? Well, you get lots of samples of what you are researching. H1N1 virus. Avian Flu. So there also remains the  remote possibility of you becoming an originating vector for what you are studying (or even, heaven forbid, recombining these strains).  Even if no one wants to admit that.

So let’s see. They have an accelerated clinical trial going on now for the vaccine that will make the pharmaceutical companies rich.  They have an “outbreak” of symptoms, but wait, how long does it take for the flu to be verified in a human host by laboratory tests? Couldn’t find that info this morning, but it was a loooooong time when those kids were sick in NY when this all started. But we are not taking the time to diagnose these cases. No, we are just worse case scenario-ing it automatically and  feeding  this flu “hysteria”.

Remember the symptoms? Fever over 100 degrees, cough and sore throat. Wow, be afwaid, be vewwy afwaid.

And just in case you might wonder about the veracity of the testing, as I do, let it be known that the US FDA has authorized the “emergency” use of tests that haven’t even proved to be effective to diagnose H1N1. See article here.
Anyone smell rotten fish yet?

I do.

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