G20 in Pittsburgh

Constitutional rule or police state? A question for the residents of Pittsburgh, PA and the rest of US.

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youtube playlist of what went down Sept 2009:


Caution: Full Rant ahead.

I can’t believe we  (humanity) put up with this crap. Which of the many flavors of crap is that, you ask? At the bottom of this post  is a list of where these G20 bozos have met in the last few years. Can anybody tell me WHY? Why do they have to meet in places where they actively disrupt ENTIRE CITIES with gestapo like tactics? Can’t they go to Club Med or something? WTF??? We have NO more secure locations in our country for these robber barons to meet that would be more convenient than a downtown convention center? Hell, even some companies won’t use a downtown convention center?????WTF ??? We choose to instead CLOSE DOWN ENTIRE CITIES??????? WTF?????

WAKE UP PEOPLE. you are being played.

When you want to know ?WHY? about something, try following the money.

Who profits from this convoluted assinine cockamamie crap???? Well, look at what it cost Pittsburgh financially: estimated policing costs? From a Pittsburgh paper comes this quote:

“Pittsburgh, Sept. 1 (UPI) — Allegheny County officials say there’s a funding shortfall to pay for the upcoming Group of 20 summit, but Pittsburgh‘s mayor denies it, observers say. Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato says the Sept. 24-25 G20 summit will cost $25 million, but Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says $16 million is the more relevant figure, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Tuesday.

25$$$$$million dollars, or so???? WTF??? For say 100 people and their staff. Do you hear them laughing at you yet? So, who benefits? Pittsburgh? The businessess downtown? The 100  most financially powerful people on the fkn planet???? Are you fkn kidding me?  NO NO NO!! ( Maybe Pittsburgh University’s enrollment will go up with all the press coverage, because THAT is such a SAFE place??????Yeah right!)

The police forces all across the northeast that assisted the Pittsburgh police force? YES!! Think overtime here people, lots of it. Big fat police and special forces paychecks. YES. The munitions companies that supply these police forces? YES!!!! The “Crowd Control” technology manufacturers? YES

How does it affect these cities psychologically?

Just look at the horrible aftermath of one of these G20 visits  in any city, and ask yourself what self respecting city would willingly INVITE THIS SHIT?

And the psychological toll on the good people of Pittsburgh? Turning their city into the equivalent of a war zone? With the media creating such terror of these terrible “demonstrators” who for the most part were HARMLESS TRAFFIC HOGS with “dangerous” signs and slogans.

Sure you got a safe little “permitted” parade but you had to SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE CITY TO DO IT??????

I was listening to the Allegheny county police scanners that day. Anytime there was a group of 10 OR More people gathered, they sent someone to investigate!!!! Constitutional right to peaceably assemble be damned.

At least while the G20 is in town.


Not everybody who loudly disagrees with the PTB is a terrorist.

You wouldn’t have known that in Pittsburgh, September 2009. God, Pittsburgh was READY for those Asswhacks who were Hell bent on DESTRUCTION and MAYHEM! Pittsburgh was well protected from all those terrible SIGNS and SHOUTING and a parade of angry people who are mad as hell and won’t take it quietly any more. Yes, signs, shouting and a parade.

It seems safe to say that they were expecting trouble. But if so, why don’t they go somewhere ELSE?????

Who  is the G20 and how does it work?

Here is an excerpt from a podcast broadcast in early September 2009 from Carnegie Mellon that explains what goes on in these G20 meetings, boldings and underlinings where I paid attention >>>>>>>>>>

“Bruce Gerson: How does the G-20 work?
David McCormick: Well, it’s a work in progress, I think is the short answer, so
historically, the Group of 20 would meet once a year at the Finance Minister level, so
Finance Ministers from those 20 countries would come together. And typically the central
bankers from those countries would join the meeting. And then there would be a third
person, which is typically the Deputy Finance Minister from the 20 countries, and that’s
the role that I played for the United States, so I was the third person in the room at the
Group of 20 meetings, and so you’d have 60 people in a room, 40 around the table, and
the person that served in my role, would be behind those two representatives from each
country and the focus would be on a set of critical economic issues. So it might be things
like free trade, it might be things like regulatory reform in the financial markets, it might
be things like climate change. And there would be weeks of negotiation leading up to the
meeting, where the parameters of the discussion would be identified, and papers would
be prepared, and those 40 principals, the Central Bankers and the Finance Ministers,
would sit around that table and talk about those issues. And various speakers would kick
off the discussion, and it was typically a very candid discussion, but not one that
necessarily would shape the global response.
It didn’t necessarily result in action in many
cases in the past. And now I think we’re in a period of transition, where the Group of 20
has taken on new importance, and the question will be on whether all the statements that
this Group of 20 leaders have made, will actually result in action
And so far, I think the
results are encouraging. There’s been some very tangible things that have come out of
the G-20 since it started to meet at the Leaders’ level in November of 2008. But of
course, the test will be how effectively we respond and recover from the global recession,
and how well coordinated that body can be in the future. And I think those are important
priorities for the Group of 20 countries and an important priority for the United States.”

Carnegie Mellon University                          9/10/09                                   (Page 1 of 4
RF# CMUAM-08                         http://www.ProductionTranscripts.com 888-349-3022 Ref#: CMUAM-08             Carnegie Mellon University / G-20 PodcastSeries                    page 2 of 4
David McCormick, Bruce Gerson / What is the G-20_5.mp3

Pittsburgh, What are you going to do about it?

So, for $25 million dollars you got a group of 100 of the most financially powerful people in the world, sitting around and discussing stuff that MAY NOT RESULT IN ANY ACTION!.

Do you hear the laughter yet, Pittsburgh?

Don’t let yourself be a joke.

Wake up and yell it from the rooftops!



Locations of G-20 meetings ( from wikipedia)

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