Others views of Pittsburgh G20 events

Here are various links  about the Pittsburgh G20 situation:

http://preview.tinyurl.com/y8dg3ovYoutube Playlist:


First Person  Accounts

Girl who held Tower Doors Open and was arrested, injured by police “assault”

The Oakland Arrests From the Eyes on Fire blog of Pittsburgh Post Gazette reporter Michael Henninger

G-20, No Zombies & Me An account of what it feels like when your city is taken over by “security” measures.

http://www.whathappenedatpitt.com/ first hand accounts are on the forum there

Pittsburgh’s Little State of Siege -James Henry. ” the only real ‘clash’ that occured in Pittsburgh last week was between off-the-wall lawless policing and the Bill of Rights.


Pitt to allow lawyers for students in police meetings Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Queens man arrested for twittering during G20


http://www.whathappenedatpitt.com/ lists links to articles, police scanner reports and websites referrencing G20 Also has a forum.

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