Was Pittsburgh Safer during G20?

Pre-meeting estimates were around $25 million dollars for the “security” measures used in Pittsburgh for the G20 meeting. Yes, those crazy black hoody wearing anarchists, no, no, not the ones with the guns and riot gear, the ones with signs and back packs…. and all those people with a cause to advertise came to Pittsburgh to…..protest [a,b,or c]. Ok, that sounds as American as apple pie.

And all that $ and all that firepower, still did not prevent thousands of dollars of damage, almost all the major damage caused during the G20 protest, BY ONE GUY!   Pittsburgh Post Gazette Story here.

How safe does this make you feel America? 25$ million dollars to keep Pittsburgh safe? ?  Storm troopers, tear gas, crowd control “technology”  and the end tally?  Hundreds of innocent bystanders tear-gassed and bullied. Hundreds of needless, useless, arrests. An entire city practically shut down for the convenience of a few selfish bastards who couldn’t go play their shell game somewhere else more appropriate, like Las Vegas perhaps?

Are they so afraid of us? ( the non G20)

Why would they be?

As eloquently stated in this blog entry from one of the people who shared the stage with Cindy Sheehan at the protest rally:

“Because as soon as we are allowed to have a taste of our own power, everything can change. It has, and it will again,  but the powers-that-be will continue to do what they do best – try hard to make sure we don’t know how powerful we are. They require the consent of the governed, the consent of those students in Pittsburgh, and they have now lost it, at least for many of those who were in Oakland last Friday night.”blog of David Rovics,

C’mon Pittsburgh, lead the way.

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