snooze, snoozier, snooziest


Waking up to my divinity is a lot like waking up in the morning.

Sometimes, I have joyful tasks awaiting me.
Sometimes, the pleasant expectations of the day fill me with delight.
Sometimes, the tasks that I face are overwhelmingly out of my comfort zone.
Sometimes, I can’t face them just now,

and I hit  the snooze button,
then the  snoozier one
then  the snooziest

Sometimes, like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day,

I smash that sucker to bits.

Waking up from this dream of separation is much like that.

Sometimes, what I find when I wake up is joyful ,
More often than not, it sucks.
Still, inevitably, because I have chosen it,
The wake up call comes.
And the choice is mine.

Who am I,

what’ll it be?

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