I am proud of my ego!


I am proud of what I AM. So I can’t let this statement from Jed McKenna go by without defending it. My ego that is.

Self is ego and ego is the realm of the dreamstate. If you want to break free of the dreamstate, you must break free of self, not stroke it to make it purr or groom it for some imagined brighter future.” Jed McKenna

I probably define the ego a bit differently than most, though. For me, it’s simple; Ego = human awareness. When you talk about the shadow self, the dark side of ego, etc etc etc, I interpret that whole rigamarole as just the unaware part of humanity. Unaware of it’s grand spiritual reality.

Yes, I agree with Jed, that we live in this realm of a dreamstate, but what a dream! The nightmare dream of separation is the one from which we need to awaken. I don’t think we need to kill the dreamer. Break free of self? Umm, what is left of human awareness once you lose your sense of self?

I am joyous that our grand divine oneness, has different selves. I so appreciate that I AM created this human self, to experience the physical world. If it was all just “me”, man would that be boring!

So here’s a toast to the many mes—-Live long and prosper.



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