u r loved

to say I love you and really mean it…….

I can’t be someone who wants to change you.  I can’t be someone who makes you feel that you aren’t good enough as you are. I can’t be a person that won’t allow you to be yourself. I can’t be someone whose idea of love is for you to lose your identity in order to make me happy.

I must be a person that accepts you for you, all of you, as you are. I should make you feel like you can be yourself; that I’m not out to change you; that you are perfect exactly as you are.

I listen to you. I understand you. I am delighted by you. I want you for you, not some fantasy I want you to change yourself into for me.

In order for me to love you truly though, you have to show me your true self. You have to be who you truly are,  otherwise,  I will love an illusion; a projection of who you would like me to see.

To feel that truest of loves,

believe and feel and know that you are lovable.

Begin to look at your “self”  as separate from all the roles that you play.

See your self as the one playing the roles.

Understand that you play them for a reason, always to help yourself feel better about something, to survive, to cope with the pain of living, because they feel good, whatever. Just accept that you play them, and that within every one of them is the beautiful, amazing, powerful you that you truly are.   Perfect, whole and complete.

Playing the role of victim, playing the role of perpetrator, playing the role of powerlessness or playing the role of dominator. It doesn’t matter which side of the equation you are on. It is discovering YOU that you need to feel, know and love, within all of them.

As you get to know you, apart from all the roles that you play, you will be amazed at who you really are.

See and believe that

(((((((((((( you )))))))))))))) are loved as you,

(((((((((((( you )))))))))))))) are wanted as you are,

(((((((((((( you ))))))))))))) are beautiful as you are, and that others can appreciate someone just like

(((((((((((( you ))))))))))))))! ( if they are lucky enough)

When I say, as you are, that doesn’t include all the roles you play out. Those roles are not who you are. Not the who that I love. The You who plays in those roles is the Who that I love.

When you realize that    (((((((( you )))))))))    are indeed lovable and you allow that love to flow to yourself, that feeling will carry over into your every relationships with everyone around you. Even when you are acting like an “asshole” you are still truly beautiful and loving and kind. Just remind yourself of that. When you are hurting someone else, you are still loving and kind, you just got out of touch with that part of you. Take a deep breath and remember:



when you feel ugly for whatever reason,


THAT is NOT the truth!



You are still that, no matter how you are acting, no matter who you think you are. You aren’t.


YOU ARE AMAZING, and you are gloriously beautiful.

Anything but your complete awesomeness is the illusion.


It’s time to awaken from the dream.



We are believing and acting out our ” roles.”  Man, what actors we are! So believable that we live them as ourselves!

We can change them at any time if we know they are just roles.



How about NOW?



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