drawing a picture of myself



Drawing a Picture of Myself

You tell me who I am…
You tell me where to go!

I tell you what I think
And you tell me, “NO!

“Reality will grind you!
“Reality define you!
“Reality will show you!
“How wrong you really are!”

“You are heading for disaster!
“You are heading for a fall!
“You are heading for big failure!
“smashed against The Wall!”

“You are NOT!” you scream red-faced,
“what these beliefs are that you hold!”
“Yes I AM!” I howl in triumph!
Not accepting what I’m told.

And the chants of who ‘you” say I AM
Through howling winds of freedom’s gale,
blissfully are drowned out
and I rise above the veil.

“Yes I AM,” flows out from me
Onto a canvas filled with light.
And to rhythmic shocks of rock and roll,
I draw on wings for flight.

*                                                      *
………….*                                 *
………………*                          *
…………………..*                  *
………………………….*     *

2 thoughts on “drawing a picture of myself

    1. It is confusing sometimes for us to expect things to be a certain way and then have them be another. When you clicked the link to go to this page, you probably expected personal information to get to “know” me. That is the accepted social convention, what facebook is all about for instance. The first section of this post is intended to bring attention to the ideas that we habitually use to make assumptions and judgments about others that might limit our ability to see things in new ways.

      The second part, the poem, is autobiographical. It is about how I am finding out about my truest self amidst all the opinions of others about who I am. Not everybody is as “lost” as I was so that may be confusing to consider.

      This site is about increasing awareness about situations or ideas that are discussed. When you come here, I would suggest that you expect the unexpected.
      And I hope that at least sometimes, it will be a nice surprise.


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