BP spill – Excellent!

Excuse me?

Could there really be an excellent  side to this terrible Gulf oil disaster? Let me share my view of this oily mess in the Gulf with you in a glass half full sort of way and see if you don’t agree…at least a little.

Because of this environmental crisis, the whole world can not help but focus on how it’s energy needs are supplied.  This offers the greatest opportunity bto make changes for the better.  A pretty large statement, a pretty bold premise, I know.   How can individuals make a difference in how the world operates when multinational corporations and governments seem to be the ones that have so much control over how things go?  Well, remember the  adage  to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”?

Well, what if we change our ideas?

One by one.

What if we (you, the readers) decide there must be a better way to meet our needs for energy generation?  What if we (you, the readers) decide that giving corporations all that ability to affect our world is not such a good idea?  What if we (all of us ) then go on to look for ways that things can be changed around us or by us?

This change of ideas is the easiest change to make.  One that is within the reach of all of us. The effects of these changes may not be visible all at once,  but small incremental changes add up. Ask any cliff that has crumbled into the sea.  Some people may begin to question political leaders and demand changes. Some may begin to look at how corporations are set up,  some people may be inspired to invent new energy alternatives.

It is time to understand that the  ideas you have in your head about energy,  governments, and corporations are important. They affect your decisions, and those affect the world.  Beginning to see yourself as a powerful catalyst for change in the world right here and right now by deciding for something better changes not only your world, but the world around you.

Imagine the impact of millions of ideas in millions of heads changing for the better.

It matters what you think.  It does make a difference.

The glass is half full, and the world is waiting.



if you want to feel the truth of what I say here, try reading my poem: a simple smile

thanks to theMarque at flickr for the starfish creative commons licensed photo


PESwiki is a cutting edge site where those in the know can get the latest information regarding solar, wind, and other accepted technologies alongside those on the cutting edge of science such as zero point, cold fusion etc.New alternatives to energy production are multiplying daily as creative minds are connecting with opportunities and knowledge all over the planet.

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