Rocket Scientist’s Guide to Money and the Economy

Getting to the root of global economic problems seems far above the grasp of an average person’s abilities. Having taken only a half baked interest in a half semester economics class in high school, I understand little of how banking and investments work. Venture capital to me is what I dare  to venture out with to the local dollar store, hoping my choices don’t destroy my own local economy. Balancing my own budget takes so much of my energy that I don’t have enough leftover to try and figure out the mismanagement of trillions of dollars passed around like poker chips in the high stakes games of multinational banking and corporate manipulation. Here a billion, there a billion, every where a billion billion. “Oh, need a bailout? Here! Take this blank check drawn on the American public….whatever you need, yes, just put it down right there.” Say what?

That is where this refreshingly simple, short, yet sophisticated, look at economics comes in. How did we manage to get in this mess? What can we do to make it better? The simple questions that we all ask, and that the goble-di-gook of what passes for banking and financial policy make answering seem impossible, this free e- book answers.

In straightforward fashion, in everyday language, and with implications for potential global reform that can start us  down the road to the kind of world of plenty that utopian dreams are make of. It’s a short read- maybe an hour. Don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself.

Surf over to this link for your own copy of this free e-book


In a “lightened up” world, I see economies playing out  our connectedness and our equality.  I see everyone having enough of whatever we use for money to provide a quality of life where they have abundant food, housing, clothing, and opportunities for creative expression and sharing.  I see societies all over the world where those who choose to be parents are given everything necessary to provide ideal conditions for the rearing of their children. I see elders and the infirm cared for and included in all of society’s benefits.

I see, heaven on earth.

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