Oscar Grant Verdict 2010

News stories that touch our hearts should be followed up on. The murder of Oscar Grant is an event that was and still is an emotionally charged one for myself and many, many, others;  A flash-point around our society’s issues of security, control, and safety, where the enforcers of such can make mistakes that go uncorrected and even lead to murder.

The verdict was reached in the trial of the BART agent, Mr. Mehserle, accused of his death- guilty of involuntary manslaughter. This does nothing to mitigate the tragedy, but  is a triumph for truth and justice. It is also great encouragement for those who feared that protection of the innocent no longer existed in this country, at least in full public view, it still does. Heaven knows, in the backwaters and dark alleys, other stories are not ended so fairly.

A Huffington post article about the trial and unfortunate riots that accompanied it is at this link.

I find it encouraging that when the light of truth shines into these dark events, our collective unity, that which makes the United  States, “united”, causes the best to be accomplished even in the worst of times. We the people, when we are operating from our strength, dignity and compassion, will accomplish greatness.



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