crimes against humanity


“The religion of low self esteem perpetrates all the crimes against humanity.”


The most heartbreaking thing we can ever believe?

“There is something wrong with me.”


Religions and cultures are, by definition, systems of institutionalized beliefs about the nature of self and  our  relationship to everything else.  By allowing  institutions to define our self worth for us, whether religious or cultural, we are buying into that system with our most precious gift, our agreement. I intend to bring that agreement to your awareness, and then create a space where you can rethink that agreement, and  make a more informed choice.  I intend to offer you an opportunity to  re – place your self esteem where it belongs,

on the pedestal of your own true worth .


I am a human be-ing,

and anything that makes me feel bad about me

is a crime against that.


Our very language keeps us locked into falsehoods about our “self.”

In the English language, you can act from a place of be-ing.


YOU ARE———————(________________________________)fill in the blank with values that are  Good / bad /indifferent.

You can fill in the blanks with answers from religions, or cultures, or your parents, or your friends, or the latest popular TV show values. The list is endless of what is available to fill in that blank.

Our language condemns us to feeling as though we are BE-ing these concepts, and that is simply not true.

Now, in this moment, I am BE-ing me                    and  I am ACTING out a role,                    which may be heinous or delightful.

But,  I am still me.

I am a human                 BE              -ing.


You cannot        BE           mean,

you can act mean


You cannot         BE            unloving,

but you can act unloving,


You can act all manner of things,

But you can not         BE                anything but your self.



None of us fail at that.

We may fail to act like who we really are, or do what we really want to do,

We may take on the roles that have been scripted for us, or we went on to script for ourselves,

and believe we are “being” this or that, but that is just a belief, it is not the truth.

The truth is that we are still      BE        -ing our selves IN those roles.


It is impossible to fail at be-ing.

It is possible to not ACT like who you really are,

but you ARE really that, no matter how much acting you do.


This confusion is the source of the weird question we  ask ourselves, “Who AM I?”  as we begin to feel the reality that our decisions are not really coming from this core of “self ” but from scripted roles, indoctrinated beliefs, and patterns of habits we may not  even remember the source of.

We just forgot.

We took on roles that were offered us, even when they didn’t quite fit and ACTED. The reasons for this are many, but that is not the subject here.  The point  I am trying to make is:

There is a huge  difference between BE-ing,  and ACT-ing.



There is nothing that can be wrong with BE-ing me.


We can act out  a belief about who we are and do dreadful things, but that doesn’t change the “me” who does them.


When we  start to ask, “Who am I?”

and “Why am I worth ________?”

We   start a  journey out of a matrix of unjustifiable beliefs about who we thought we were


into the Truth

of who we really are.


When you sincerely start to ask the  most heartbreaking question of all…

“What is wrong with me?”

….question the answer you receive!  And then question the next answer and   and question that answer and then again, and again. If you are sincere in your questions,  you will find that the  final answer will turn your world around!


There is nothing wrong with me!




2 thoughts on “crimes against humanity

  1. I agree; religion is manmade, and I will not allow myself to be defined by another flawed man. My faith and my relationship with my God define me…I know my worth in His eyes. Man comes along and tries to twist and distort this worth, fill me with shame, and keep my head bowed in disgrace. Despite their best efforts, my head bows in awe (never shame) that I am loved. I do not need to BE or ACT a certain way to be loved…I am simply loved. It is out of this unconditional love that I begin to be and act a certain way.

    Who am I? I am a child of God, unconditionally loved
    What is wrong with me? Nothing, when I place myself in his loving hand.


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