sticks and stones….

….may break my bones,

but names will never hurt me.



A familiar saying from childhood

but not the truth.


Dressed up as “Truth”

I believed it.


Only  lately,

I began to see  through the garish makeup

and too loud clothes it wore;

hiding the core of violence within.


Oh, they hurt alright,

but they weren’t supposed to!

Something must be  wrong with me;

They hurt badly,

Something that needed  fixing.


Those painful thoughts only added to the damage.

(Enter: self-help gurus)


Now,  it’s time to remember

that it’s okay to hurt

from words or blows


Emotional bodies

are just as capable of being wounded

as the physical



more so.


The physical one heals faster.






Creative Commons Licence [Some Rights Reserved] photo© Copyright Nigel Davies and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


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