television for the people


Reading a book by Mr Rogers this morning, ( yes that Mr Rogers) I began to see where this man’s programs originated from, the heart of the matter, as they say.  He stood for excellence in children’s programming, no one could argue that. He was also a pioneer that set the standards for children’s programming  incredibly high, which have mostly been ignored. Listen again to this man’s vision of television’s potential in his own words:

“Television could meet real human needs. It could help children learn to recognize feelings and develop healthy ways of dealing with those feelings. Television could offer a wider variety of healthy problem solving models. It could encourage children to look for their own inner worth, their family traditions and values. Television could help broadcast the value of childhood and communicate the fact that childhood lies at the very basis of what human beings are and what they can become. It could help children reflect on who they are and what they want to be.

Television could do all these things and sometimes does do these things. But so often it doesn’t. ” ( Fred Rogers “Mister Rogers Talks with Parents”)




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