bodies of light

This is a comment on light from Adam’s book, The Path of the Dreamhealer

“The flow of energy in a harmonious pattern of light emissions is the basis of all healthy life forms.  Light coordinates all life processes. Life is a veritable symphony of light.”

Science tells us that light is absorbed when chemical bonds are formed, and given out when chemical bonds are broken. These tiny little stars of light are called Biophotons.  Considering that fact, it may not be just fancy that those who are more sensitive to this light are truly  “seeing” auras and other  energies emitted by the human body.

Chemical bonds hold together the elements that are themselves organized together by light, creating the substances that create the entire human body; the most marvelous creation, I insist, within the physical universe.  These light bound conglomerations then form all of our cells and all the tiny little factories of  organelles that function within them. They form every substance from skin to hormones. Even our dna. Especially, our dna.

With all of it’s amazing systems of transportation, communication, nourishment, elimination, and sensation, the human body is unrivaled in it’s complexities.
Even the instruction manual for its creation, carried within the dna of our every cell,  is created and maintained by light. Four chemical compounds, arranged and rearranged by this light, go on to manufacture our every physical nuance.

Our very bodies are made by light and with light.

Be joyfully amazed with this new way of seeing biology. Value and care for this amazing physical vessel we experience life within.


* image used from dust jacket of Adam’s book  The Path of the Dreamhealer.

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