puzzled earth

Earth is a dynamic system, much like our own bodies. How much do you know about your  body? Well, if you are a student of biology, you may know a lot, otherwise, even though you have lived in it all your life, not so much.

Over the last few hundred years, western science has taken our physical vehicle apart and studied it’s ever smaller and smaller individual pieces . Yet only recently has it begun to study the human body in terms of wholistic integrated systems, taking all the little bitty pieces of information and fitting them together. Like pieces of a puzzle it has begun to see how they relate to each other, where they “go” best. 

As anyone who has worked on a jigsaw puzzle knows,  when you are just starting out you need a good picture on the top of the box to guide you. Otherwise, you  have only guesses. Once the puzzle begins to take shape, you can make better and more successful guesses about  how things fit together and what relates to what.

Science has done  the same thing with the physical processes of our earth. It has attempted to come up with useful ideas of how they  operate, both for our protection and for the production of useful materials.  It has  done this by studying different parts  separately: oceans, atmosphere, earthquakes, volcanoes. Yet a historical view of all this scientific information is necessary to understanding the results when you consider that pollution only became a recognized problem in the late 1950s. Perceiving weather as a global  system  began  recently, in the 1970s.

There hasn’t  been a lot of “whole earth” understanding to use as a  framework for all of these separate processes so we get theories. Guesses of where the  pieces fit together. Pieces like magnetic pole reversals, solar storms, fossils, Greenhouse gases, climate change, plate tectonics. Educated guesses, yes, but has anyone seen the top of the puzzle earth box?

Our currently ramped up geo-physical processes of sunspots, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., all may have the effect of disturbing our current ideas of how everything fits together. But please, before you let this person or that expert convince you that the “end” of the world is nigh, take a step back. Take a deep breath. Take a longer view. Compare the results of the evolving studies of the human body as a  wholistic system with the current fragmented  studies of  the much larger systems of  our planet.  Take the “authoritative” warnings of supposed end of the world scenarios  with a grain of salt, as the theories that they really are, no matter how well defined the particular area of study may be.  Remember to think about how it fits into the whole, much larger, picture.


At least until they can show you, for sure, the completed picture.


The one that matches what they think is on the top of the box.


Links to pages of information about geophysical events around the world.

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Incorporated Research Institutions for Siesmology

Latest earthquakes around the world

About the sun


Solar and Heliosphereic Observatory



Thanks to ilco for use of  puzzle graphic; all rights reserved.

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