Knowing The Truth and courageously claiming it

walkofftheearth cover of Magic!

What I have felt is real.

What I have imagined is true.

The magic is in us when we tap into the truth of who we are.

When I heard it in the music, I knew. When I saw it in the artwork, I knew. When i felt it in the writing, I knew. There! In plain sight. The truth. I could sense it. I could feel it. I know it.


imagine, John Lennon

My mind, co-opted by the social fabric of consciousness,

smothered and covered, but I could still feel the truth in a part of me.

Until I accepted their ways, and became convinced that truth was illusion

War is peace,

Love is Pain,

my Joy is groundless,

my Wisdom impractical.

My trust in my Sense of the Truth incrementally broken.

Until now.
Now Some Thing has happened

and it has been resurrected from its death.

I have begun to feel, sense, and know the truth again.

My wisdom solid.

My vision true.

My heart leading me.

It can lead you too.

Heart speaks in the silence,

where the fabric of spirituality has been discarded, quieted, dismantled, rejected.

Where the crowd cannot be heard. Heart speaks in the wind…

In the music…

in the sunshine…

in the rain.

Wherever my heart feels at home.

In joy, the message is clear.

In peace and grounded-ness, I can feel my way to the truth

Of who I am.

Who you are.

What I need to do next.

What I can do to help you.

In the still small voice,

that I must withdraw from the tumult of social disorder to hear clearly,

I hear and know.

In the muses grip I hear.

In her caress, I feel.

Through the timelessness of creativity, I see.

I know there.


2 thoughts on “Knowing The Truth and courageously claiming it

  1. I have been a “searcher” all my life. Gosh darn it, if it ain’t just like that guy once said, “Seek and ye shall find”? I prefer the term awakened to enlightened. I have found what feels like truth to me and it makes sense of what I experience. This poem expresses what I feel like when “tuned” into that. The path I follow is called the Lightning Path, created by Dr Michael Sharp (mystic side) aka Dr Michael Sosteric (academic side). It has given me lightning fast understanding of myself and life. I highly recommend it.


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