stop calling it “Paradise”


Paradise isn’t filled with white sandy beaches and warm tropical breezes





It’s your smile,

as you run free into your life’s fondest dreams.


It’s the world smiling back at you

with all her children laughing,

everybody’s tummy full with time

to enjoy each other’s uniqueness.


Paradise isn’t found in a personal    secret      hideaway.  


It’s  found in a whole world’s potential

for peace and plenty and joy.


“They” bought paradise and placed it in your minds.

They planted a flag there, and claimed it as their territory.

They defined it and bound it by laws and economics.

They persuaded and convinced you

that if you are lucky enough

or blessed enough

or rich enough

you just might get to visit

At least for a little while.



No amount of time spent on that beautiful island

will bring it into your life

No matter what “They” may say,


It will always feel like there is something missing.

There is.


The rest of us.



We are part of a whole and as long as one part suffers, we all do. We are one earth, one people and we can only live in a paradise that is big enough for all of us.

Heaven On Mother Earth.


Let’s create it with and for each other.



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