the deafening sounds of silence


Come join me in the temple of our inner beings for a moment

Some call it the heart

The centermost place of balance within me

within you

In the quietness of this place I bring  words to life

Your life

My now living words

Conceived in the temple of this stillness

Words meant for all the world to shout

Not a pin drop can be heard here.




in tune with Spirit



I can only feel the movement of my own heart and mind here

shaped now into these words

Containers for communication so loud

it could be heard in every human heart

drowning out the lies of undelivered promise

These words strung together in solitude

are meant to echo

and echo


through the minds and hearts of all who meet them

my heart    to my mind     to your heart     to your mind     to your heart

to  your mind


I feel the stillness here, and I hear the tumult

for that’s what my poems are all about

making a holy space to hear

the crystal clear voice of deafening Truth


Thank you for the gift

of  these moments

listening with me

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