“UnHappy Mothers” Day 

 It’s Mother’s day. A day to remember and honor and bless ALL mothers. So here is mine for those maybe not so happy ones. 

  • I honor and bless the mothers who tried to get it all “right” and whose offspring seemingly got it all “wrong” in every conceivable way they couldn’t ever have imagined.
  • I honor and bless the mothers who doted on and provided for ungrateful kids that never appreciated it or them.
  • I honor and bless the broken hearted mothers that watched their little ones fledge and then crash upon the hard realities of life.
  • I honor and bless the mothers who watch over the suffering of their children without the resources to stop it.
  • I honor and bless the mothers who never had the tools from their own broken pasts to help them raise their children but did their best anyway.
  • I honor the mothers that stayed the course…and especially those who jumped ship and carry the weight of that generational wound.
  • I honor and bless you for the sacrifice of the knowledge of your own spiritual perfection and power while embodied as a human being.  
  • I bless and thank all mothers for the bravery of donning forgetfulness, and your generous contribution to humanity’s divine path. 




As I envision the future healing of humanity on earth, finally birthed into conscious connection with its collective wisdom, compassion, and power, it is living from the heart all mothers helped create. I see a true “HAPPY MOTHERS” day





Prenting is the hardest job in the world, bar none, and I honor everyone that accidentally (the vast majority) or on purpose, took on the job. We are all worthy of respect for even trying to work it out successfully in this crazy world. The greeting card isles are full of appreciation for the great mothers who rode out all the obstacles and won, but this mother’s day blessing is for the ones who tried and feel like they failed, sometimes miserably. I especially honor and bless those mothers today.

2 thoughts on ““UnHappy Mothers” Day 

    1. Thanks. The toxic “socialization” process that occurs in this world that begins to tear some of us down as soon as the umbilical cord is cut has a lot to do with the way that our world plays out in our societies. It’s so much easier to blame it on Moms.


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