To Serve and Protect



911-What’s your emergency?



We call,

We expect,

We ask

for those with guns to come

to Our borders, Our streets, Our homes, Our families

to protect

with pleas:

deliver Us from evil



and it is We who task them

to witness

Our murders, tortures, and lies

day after day

as they run

sirens screaming

into Our battles

towards Our troubles,

towards Our dangers,

towards Our violence.



Yet some lose their way

on the way to Us,

their souls fallen off that fine line

between protection and violence

traveled behind badges and uniforms



Who start to see their weapons as solutions

their authority as absolution

for watching justice die

and innocence pay

with endless blood and pain

the cost of laws

that play with truth



Some lose it in dark alleys,

or silent corners

some in broad daylight

in city streets

or the sewers of prosperity



After all the carnage

don’t forget it is We

that ask them to come


and  arm them with weapons


and task them with peace


Consider Our debt

to those who serve within Our call

to also help them

guard and protect







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