Why Me, Lord?

Why me, Lord?
Why me?
Why do I have this warm home?
Why me?
Why is my stomach full,
my water clean?
Why oh why? Me, Lord?
Why are my desires filled with
Instead of
at least?
Why me, Lord?
to move
and think?
Why me Lord?
the luxury of dreams
The richness of possibilities
The future wrapped as presents?
Why must I suffer?
this seductive “I” ness?
that uplifts me
and elevates my dreams
while snuffing out theirs?

That ignores connectivity
and their suffering
…..For me.….For my.…..For mine?
Repeat , repeat, repeat, repeatedly suffering, Lord?
Until the hollowness and emptiness echos
within the sterility of my self-built walls
shut out from the rest of humanity.
Why me?
Not you?
Not them?
Not us?

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