How to Build a Better Man

To build a better world, we can work with God (the Universe-Universal Principles-Spirit-Nature-Tao-whatever your name for the dimension of the creative force that made this earth and man) or against.

Work with = beauty, peace and abundance.

Work against = just look around.

“Things in Nature that have no free will work with God as He works with them. Man alone, who has free will because he has Consciousness, asks God to do things for him without working with him.

Children should know that they have free will to do anything they choose to do by working with God or against Him, but that when they work with Him they find happiness, and that when they work against Him they make themselves suffer. Give them simple demonstrations of that act at every opportunity. Show them that when they are watering a little plant and caring for its soil. God is making it grow, and that is the way they are working with God by creating a plant with Him. Then demonstrate that if they stop watering the plant or caring for its soil, the plant will die. That is working against God. Such demonstrations and teachings to children should be endless, and in all walks of life. If there is a great industrial plant in the neighborhood, they should be shown that it grew to its enormous size because someone desired it and started working with God to create it. It had been started by one man who had worked hard in a little place before he could employ thousands of men in a big place. Then show them the little sapling which becomes a mighty oak by working with God.

These are the teachings that will make a better civilization because they will make better men. These are the lessons of Nature, which are of the greatest import for schools to teach. Instead of that, our schools often think that the teachings of greatest import are the dates of battles, the names of characters in events such as “who killed Julius Caesar” or the location of countries, cities, or rivers. Any man may be a great inventor, painter or writer without any such information, but millions of children are bursting with such information who have no creative ability whatsoever, or if they ever have had, it was crushed out of them by brain-building instead of Mind-unfolding.”  From Lao Russell’s book God Will Work With You But Not For You Chapter 9

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