911 “Stand Down” and general time line, lest we forget

The only talking head you should listen to in regards to 911, should be your own. Facts or Opinions? You choose.

impact hole Pentagon 911

A picture of the original hole in the Pentagon, before the roof collapsed. The circle is the impact area.  A large high resolution of this photograpic  image can be found here: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/uncyclopedia/images/archive/7/78/20061117034652!Pentagon911CRAZY.jpg

Here are links to  pages of general 911 information and links to pages about the conditions of the “stand down” of the military on 911. Peruse them for the facts.


Mark R Elsis, at Lovearth.net,  has created a comprehensive timeline that is marked in little black boxes on this site. By clicking on a time, another page opens that  has links to all the significant occurrences around  that time of day.From the site, comes this caution:

When reading this 911 Timeline, be particularly aware of the parts that deal with the September 18, 2001 NORAD Press Release about the response times of the United States Air Force.


The timeline link above is from what the site claims  is a source used for a federal court case Federal Lawsuit: Ellen Mariani (911 Widow) vs. Bush The following quote is also from the linked site about this:

The “Summary of Facts” will set the foundation to support Plaintiff Counts as set forth herein.
However, a complete highly researched timelines of “911” by American Citizen Mark R. Elsis
( http://911Timeline.net and http://StandDown.net ) who has agreed to testify to his research on behalf of Plaintiff, and believed to be one of the “most comprehensive minute by minute accounts of the events of “911”.

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