911- still mourning 9-11-15

deeklies, lies, lies911\’s a lie911 twin tower first strike


9/11/9  still mourning…


that so many minds and hearts

continue blinded and closed

by looking to others

for validation of the truth

of what they see

with their own eyes.


that those most directly hit by the planes,

are still suffering the silence

of those who know

a “better way”

a “higher calling”

and a “responsibility” to their superiors


that the impact on my life

has not yet brought me to the point

of  “NO” return:

where I always say


NO! ………….to continued manipulation


NO! ………….to continued dis-empowerment


NO!…………. to embracing the illusion

ever again

that all is well


the way it is.



inspiring song about 911 at this link.

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