World War lll- Merry Christmas!!!

“Why does it take a world war to unite all of America and mobilize our manufacturing toward a single goal? It does because it is life or death, and we have no choice. When the truth is seen, we will see building the energy system and creating a heaven on earth now is life and death, and we will do it.”*

What better could we do to create

exploding world real “Peace on Earth”?  A Joyeaux NOEL  a “Merry Christmas” for Tiny Tim and everybody else?

This is our world.

This is our  time.

To wake up.

To change.

To create the new technologies and show the world  what we can do when we unite with and for each other. Let’s get that serious.

What if

“We act as if we are in a war now to prevent a real war from happening?”*

On this page of the Truth Contest, there are real, scale-able ideas to implement that would help create an earthly paradise. One that can actually be enjoyed in our lifetime.  There are scores of such sites all over the internet.

Following a star to enlightenment is a great thing. But why stop there? Why stop feeling the peace and joy possible on one day only?

We can shoot for the stars and land there.  United. Together. Creating the  Merriest Christmas of all. Here’s to the energetic equivalent of WWlll!

“The solution above sounds too simple to be true, too good to be true, but it is not. It is simple and good, and we can do it now. If we did it in wartime, we can do it even faster in peacetime; we just have to be as motivated.”*




* text quoted from 

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