What the heck time IS it????

Does anybody really know what time it is?
It’s that time, no pun intended, of year again.
My new coping method for this semi annual interruption, is to ease myself into this transition. I set clocks back beforethe actual, official, set back time. I just reset the upstairs clocks, now it’s only 5:30am(again).  I go downstairs and it’s 6:30am, the real time, but if I go down to the room next to the garage it’s 5:30am, because that clock can’t be adjusted and is fixed on Standard time. This afternoon I’ll change the clock on the stove in the kitchen and the one
in the dining room. My watch’s battery died so no need to adjust that. That will leave only the clock in the living room with the real time, the time everyone else is still on. About 5pm I’ll change that one, too, to get used to the idea that the sun already set. I’ll sit back in my recliner, and think “there, now I’m in synch”….knowing full well I’m not…. and now my dog and cat will have to be reset, too! And what about my friends that live in a different time zone??? Forgitaboutit! My brain is fried BIG time!

Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? That Chicago songs runs thru my head.
Do we do this every year to try and cope with the longer nights and shorter days?  Are we trying to manipulate Nature or trick ourselves? Or is this just a jolt to shake up our journeys?  If so, why not this concept? Let’s skip November next year…yes just skip it, what the heck?
Move Thanksgiving BACK to the 2nd Saturday of October. That’s when the harvest really is anyway. Christmas? No worries, there are already “Black Friday” sales every day since September. I’m already excited about this, winter will be shorter next year…hmmm… won’t it?
I try and relax again and think “Did they start selling eggnog yet?”
Did I reset that clock over there or IS it 5:30?????????
                          A guest entry used by permission from a from a funny friend. 

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