one moment…


One moment…

you’re riveted to the spot.
some beauty,
some song,
some thought,
some moment,
has captured you…

You feel an inexpressible essence you cannot define.
It astonishes you
and arrests your actions
and you stop.
Everything around you
seems to
in a timeless space.

“Where did that come from?”
Your surprised self asks.

And you reach out for it again with your mind,

with your heart,

for a second or two

of eternity

stopped amidst the currents
of deadlines and responsibilities.

You search without realizing you are,
for its source
in that breathless moment and wondering space.

Instead you find emptiness

where something should be,
something so important
that acknowledgement of the pain of its absence
terrifies you.

That feeling…
What were you doing when it hit you?
Did it come out of the blue?
The smile of a child
The beauty of a sunset
The camaraderie of friends
a painting
some music
a meditation?

You hesitate to break the “spell”

you take another breath, and its gone.

You didn’t realize you were not breathing!

Like a wafting breeze from some direction that you cannot discern,
it is ethereal
but saying something you know is so important
that you strain to hear.

Staring off into space,
unaware that the traffic light of your life has turned back to green…
you hear the horns honking behind you.
Someone repeats the question they asked,
maybe taps your shoulder,
calls your name…
calls you back

from that space.

The clock hands move
And you put your foot back on the pedal of your life once again;
Disoriented, a little confused maybe
back into the fray
back into “real” life you go,
as you again don your roles.
Leaving, with the sound of something you can not define
echoing like the distant
end of a ringing bell.

We describe what we saw to each other,
we explain what we felt and we ask,
“Did you ever……?”
And the poets write, “Yes!”
And the painters paint, “Yes!”
And the musicians thunder, “Yes!”


That experience unique to us,
totally different,
and totally the same.

Next time, it happens, be brave.
Look into that space where it hurts.
It is not so much about what was lost
but what is there to be found
somewhere inside
of you.


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