Free Currency Converter

Because, this is the point.

Real-izing wealth

Economies allow societies to share things among themselves and with each other. Currencies are simply tools of consensus that allow sharing to happen. They are simply containers that represent labor time. Each society chooses the value of the labor time in their currency container. Currency converters express how those decisions fluctuate from country to country.

One hour of labor is worth X number of Rials, Yuan, or Euros, etc. These values are not just sterile, impartial, monetary decisions. They reflect how a society values its peoples’ quality of life. “Cheap” labor has a whole new meaning when you think of it in these terms.

Imagine for a moment, replacing our present currencies that devalue human life with ones based on love for all human life instead. Imagine currencies that allow people to thrive instead of simply survive by their daily labors. Imagine a world where it is no longer possible…

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