Comfort Food

Sweets? Steaks? Fast Food? Fried? What’s your comfort food?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes eating it doesn’t deliver the comforting zing you were hoping for? The anticipation grows and grows beforehand, it’s delivered, and then oops! The guilt and the extra calories have arrived and yet your still waiting for that rush! No fair, it didn’t work!

This planet is f*cked up and so safety is an issue for its inhabitants from the time of conception to the time of death. For some its more safe than for others, but we all have safety issues. Physical, mental, energetic, or emotional.

The secret that will help unlock any unhealthy addiction is knowing this: It makes you feel safe. Even just thinking about it helps you relax.

If you are your own safety and supply of good things the need for the substance to do for you is gone.