subjects I focus on



Natural and Man-made disasters

Chile-natural and man-made disasters


Marko Rodin and my spin on the coil

what the frack?


The “shift” of the ages

spirituality and current events


The “root” causes of how things got this bad.


Update 2010 on G20

Was Pittsburgh Safer during G20?

G20 in Pittsburgh

Others views of Pittsburgh G20 events

The Flu

The Flu shot worth the risks?

H1N1….and so it begins, or does it?

Dr’s advice: avoid pig-headed flu initiatives

Testing the emergency broadcast system…or viral hysteria

Flee the FLU!!! So help me God or The media makes me sick


Flight 253

Emergency landing- 1549

justifying Oscar Grant’s murder

Oscar Grant verdict 2010

Truly Remarkable

Marko Rodin and my spin on the coil


facts or opinions

911 “Stand down” and general timeline, lest we forget

“No Plane” and other oddities of 911

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