About lightenupmyworld

Imagine for a few moments, a different world. A world where people are born blind and can not see light. Life is hard in the dark but they don’t know anything different. They have adapted and learned to use other senses and all manner of things to help them get by, and life goes along pretty much ok.

Now imagine that some people are born into that world that begin to be able to see a little light. How would they explain it to the others? It would be pretty hard. These people would “see” things differently than others; Maybe see ways that things could be done easier, or entirely different.

Imagine that over time, more and more “visionaries” in that world were able to see more and more light.

Imagine how they could gradually make changes to their world and how it could become more fun, more pleasant, and more beautiful than they had ever thought it could be.

I “see”

a change

taking place all over this planet.

Its not easy to notice,

because it’s taking place within people.

People starting to “see the light”

in every country,

at every level,

and it’s beautiful to behold,

just like the real you*

Welcome to my world view.


Click on whatever draws your interest. I invite you to feel into what I write for your own inner agreement, what some call “resonance”, or not.

You are, after all, the best judge of the truth,

believe it or not.