a simple smile


The kind inspired

by joy,
when what you really feel
deep down,

where you can not be harmed
where you
own your own being,
fully protected
and safe,

spreads out
like light to the world.

Emotion flowing
through a universal switchgate
somewhere inside
every human being

causing muscles to react
in exactly the same way,
every time
every one,
every where,

(insert differences

…hard wired
for joy so great
it can not help
but leak out.

You have to “hide” a smile sometimes.
How odd is that?
It sneaks up on you,
at inappropriate times, and
YOU start to shine out into a world
that might not understand
at that moment.

Circumstances that fill up the well
inside of you
that overflows
into that spontaneous smile?
It could be anything,

Oh, but the mechanism!

…that causes that  happiness
to flow into your face
and make it shine?

Total mystery.

Genuine smiles,
one by one,
repeated all over the world
Such a simple human action,

happening millions
and billions of times
every day.

Each real one bringing
just a little bit
more light
into the world.

Please join me for a moment
in a  simple vision.


Take the happiest smile

you ever smiled.

Multiply that feeling

by 7 billion

And imagine

Just for a moment,

What our world would feel like

if we were

all smiling

at the exact same time









Photo©Roozbeh Feiz (All rights reserved)  Roozbeh Feiz, Flickr.com