Update on G20 2010

I always affirm it wisest to obtain first person accounts, rather than mass media spin on events that potentially could affect a large portion of the population. As I wrote in previous posts about the G20 in Pittsburgh 2009, there were events that happened there of significance to all those who consider themselves citizens of the United States.  These two blog links are for that purpose. The title’s are the links.

Update – G20 appeal win and the LRAD experts in Pittsburgh

This is an informative  blog entry from one of the participants in the G20 visit to Pittsburgh in 2009 regarding his arrest and charges.  The charges against him were dropped. The writer is an independent journalist and had a press pass at the time of his arrest.



G20 Aftermath: The Revolution Has a Hash Tag

The forces  of  control may seem to be getting “too” strong,  but  the “power to the people” slogan of the 60’s has become a reality in the new millennium.  This short post describes how technology was used “by the people, for the people” in this year’s 2010  Toronto G20 gathering.

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