a pic of lightenup


…………age?……physical attributes?

…gender?…………financial level?



predetermined shutters of resistance?

for comfortably filtering out information?

allowing pigeonholing of perspectives as irrelevant to you?


If you really want to know more about me, read on,  and if I am good at this writing business,


you will see what I see


and feel what I feel


and isn’t that how you really get to know someone?







A wise person I once knew said, “If you want to know about others, learn about yourself.” What I have learned is that we are all the same underneath all those differences.  We all desire appreciation for who we really are. We all desire respect. We all desire to create a wonderful life for ourselves and our loved ones. We all desire the means to do so.  And most importantly, we are all divine to the very core of our being.

Welcome to my world view.



a poetic snapshot


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