by the dawn’s early light…

There are so many breakthrough inventions, innovations, and discoveries, going on in my world.  Light, in the form of new awareness and realizations, is streaming into our common lives faster and faster and its enough to just take the breath away of those paying attention to it!

Just as the light of dawn is first glimpsed and then in a little while the full blown glory of sunrise bursts into our senses, when I  look, I can begin to see the dawning light of new opportunities for the advancement of the human race in so many fields. This  fills me with joyful anticipation of what the fullness of the implementations can mean.

Of course advancement may mean something quite different to me than what it means to you. Advancement, to me, means progress  into the realization that we are all intimately connected to each other, to the earth, and to all that is.*

One such advancement is the availability of a book that de-mystifies the economic system of this world. This short work by sociologist Dr. Michael Sharp, can help the average person gain an uncomplicated view of what is happening in the financial world around us in a surprisingly quick way.  A completely  free reprint ( by generous permission of the author) of the contents of this book can be found on  this page.


“The Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy – Accumulation and Debt. Are you confused about the economy, are you wondering WTF is going on and why huge bank bailouts seem to be doing no more than exacerbating the problem, then read the RSG – Money and the Economy. In only  [50 or so] pages you will find total economic illumination and enlightenment. Never again will you be confused by the rocket speak and bafflegab of those who want to keep the deep, dark, secrets of this world’s economy their own dirty little secret.” Michael Sharp


*see my poem  “the human race

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